Set up a registration centre!

To help climate victims and victims of other environmental damages obtain compensation and to deter economic actors from making damaging investments, you may set up a registration centre on your own! To do so, you need to install our software. We provide for the necessary licenses if you so request. Software is mostly free of charge. We do not charge for licenses if the software is used for the non-profit registration of environmental damages or for any kind of registration of climate damages. Other licenses may or may not be charged, subject to the specific situation.

Install the software on your own server and under your own domain name! We will not have access to the data you have collected. will not interfere in any way in your activity. You own it all. We just verify that the software is used within the limits of our legal conditions.

For more information about the software please read our informational PDF. For more information about the goals of the software please read this informational PDF. To check how our software works, please go to "Test our software".

For any question or license request, please use our contact form. You will obtain the download-link within a few days!