Why register climate damages

A matter of justice.

Already today, climate change is causing more damage than any other man-made phenomenon. In the future, several hundred million people will lose their property due to climate change. Many of them will even lose their livelihoods. These people deserve and need compensation. Registering climate damages and securing proofs thereof is the crucial first step on the way to compensation.

A matter of reason.

People know better than organisations and aid bureaucrats how to build-up a new life. So it makes sense to compensate individually rather than pouring money into organisations.

Maybe even a matter of survival.

Everybody who is about to cause damage to mankind should be made liable. Liability would make people think twice before putting the earth at risk, be it by the emission of greenhouse gases or by uncontrollable technologies. Worldwide liability would increase our chances of survival on earth. Fighting for climate compensation might have a pioneer role.